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Summer is all about outdoor living, eating , cooking and outfit....

There’s nothing quite like a European summer. As we pack away our woollens and layers, sunsets, sunglasses and sandals become the norm. Soups and Syrah are replaced by Aperitivos and Aperitifs, and fruits and vegetables are enjoyed as nature intended – fresh!

We throw open the patio doors and embrace Alfresco dining - and the kaftan returns to centre stage as the hero wardrobe staple on the home front. Your collection of treasured kaftans will tide you through a summer of long lunches with friends that stretch into grazing dinners, everyday life admin, and even work – if you have a great boss!

kaftan style dresses Kaftan Ryad - Oman Print -


If you’re taking up residence for a couple of weeks or months in a far-flung coastal getaway, the kaftans you wear for your vacation will become rich in memories… The afternoon you walked from Positano to Montepertuso for lunch and dined overlooking the ocean in your Alya kaftan, or the day that you wandered in your first Ryan kaftan through the markets in Spain, to find that perfect fish and vegetables to feed the family…

The colours and prints of your kaftans weave into the fabric of your colourful summer… From vivid market trips, to seaside holidays, the scents and textures of hot summer nights and overseas market walks… Memories converge in a wonderful, colourful, sensory blur.

Whether you’re a barefoot domestic goddess, or enjoying some time exploring the South of France, your kaftan collection will keep you chic, comfortable, and carefree. You deserve to feel and look your best!

  Anissa ❤

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