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Festive Dressing for the Free-spirited, Festive Woman

Arriving at the end of the year, there’s so much to be enjoyed…

For me, it means magnificent fabrics as exuberant as the joy of the season, rich colour, and of course, comfort. In a time of year where we indulge a little more than usual, free-flowing layers ensure an easy day! But what does Christmas dressing mean to you? Are you a traditional festive dresser, or more free-willed, spur of the moment type?


Every family have different traditions that dictate the way we dress. Do you opt for a casual Christmas Eve, and a formal lunch? Perhaps Christmas day is pyjamas all day, or dinner is the main event.

In my family, we celebrate with a traditional French dinner. Think a chestnut stuffed turkey, snails, ouse tees, and the unavoidable gras. We end the evening early to leave time for Father Christmas (known as Papa Noel in our house, and finish the meal with the most beautiful cake of the year – a traditional Buche de Noel.


While we may need to rug up as we convoy from one Christmas party or meal to the next, under those outer layers, there’s no limit to the fun we can have with our festive attire. My children are dressed up, the girls in their favourite dresses (an easy ask), while the boys are harder to coax into a nice shirt! There has to be a Christmas jumper in there somewhere… But personally I prefer to don this for just the one occasion! For the rest of the season? It’s cashmere.

A combination of rich, jewel colours and soft, easy shades mean you can make your cashmere kaftan a staple festive piece, or pair an existing wardrobe favourite with a soft and complimentary layer.


Think white jeans or your favourite dress under a rich, wine red cashmere kaftan with a lovely high neck – or perhaps your favourite emerald green dress layered with a soft ivory kaftan, scooping at the neck to show your jewellery - and a hint of that dress. There are so many cuts to compliment every style, not to mention making the perfect couch piece over your pyjamas on Christmas morning.


The beauty of Christmas is that anything goes, as long as it is fuelled by love! A festive jumper knitted by a doting grandmother is really as beautiful as your most exquisite LBD.


There are so many ways to enjoy festive dressing. Embrace the festive season - don’t be afraid to layer colour, throw on a few extra bangles, and eat that second mince pie!


From my family to yours, have a very merry Christmas, and the happiest of New Years!

Anissa ♥️

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