Dreamy winter lounging in style ...

Dreamy winter lounging in style ...

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Why is it that so often the clothes we end up spending the most time in at home are not clothes that we are proud of, or make us feel good – they are simply comfortable – and kind of old, smelly, and occasionally stained? Old, oversized t-shirts and synthetic harem pants have had their day.

Ladies, its 2019 – and it’s time Every woman deserves to feel like the queen of their castle, and this begins with how they feel in their own skin – and the fabrics closest to it. Truly, the ability of a garment to transform your mentality is epitomised in silk and cashmere.

Whether you live in a cosmopolitan little apartment, or palatial mansion, kaftans are the perfect all-in-one loungewear piece. As a fabric, silk is gentle on the skin. It allows the skin to breathe and

Kaftans are the kind of lounge piece that become accumulative due to their versatile nature. Your everyday morning routine simplifies by simply choosing the print that embodies you today, effortlessly projecting any day’s glam factor to the next level.




 Slipping into a cashmere kaftan in the morning paired with some tights, boots, a scarf and an overcoat equals everyday relaxed glamour, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing day at home, or heading out to get on top of your life admin!


If you’re restricted to corporate attire throughout the day, you can look forward to hanging up that suit those heels and pairing your cashmere kaftan of choice with a comforting glass of syrah.


Cashmere Kaftan Collection @Kaftan Dreams

 Is it the weekend, and time to entertain? Pick out that beautiful hat or silk headscarf and those suede boots, and swan around your castle like the barefoot hostess with the most-ess you are, cooking up a storm and pouring champagne with a smile on your face!

When afternoon with friends turns to evening, no need to change! Simply increase the height of your boots, don some pendant earrings, and watch eyes latch on as your gorgeous cashmere kaftan keeps you warm from your front door to the restaurant, winery, or wherever you choose to be!

Which cut will be the next addition to your cashmere wardrobe?


"Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we don’t have to look good !  comfortable Kaftans are my go-to for look and feel"

 Anissa ❤

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