Getting back into the swing of things...

“My oh my, was work always this exhausting?”...

 We hear ourselves asking as we drag our feet around our workplaces after the holiday break! The reality is, most of the time, nothing has changed except the way we use our minds/bodies!  Too many Aperol Spritzes, cheese plates and sleep-ins can leave us feeling sluggish…


Create a morning ritual

Whether it’s making the bed, or to have a coffee and have a stretch, choosing a morning ritual and sticking to it will create a little bit of stability and comfort in your life in a time where you might still feel all over the place!

You might take ten minutes to make yourself a lunch that will keep you on the right track throughout the day, or find a place to sit quietly and meditate. If you have a doggo, take him for a whip around the block every morning - soon he will be getting you out of bed on time, everyday!

Wear something to put a smile on your dial

You know what you feel good in. Maybe it’s a couple of pairs of wild earrings, bright scarves, or dreamy kaftans… whatever they are, sometimes they are the perfect little boost to get you going in the morning, especially when they bring in the compliments!

Make sure you have a couple of your favourite, no-brainer all-in-one outfits ready to roll at all times - preferably all conveniently hung on one side of your wardrobe so that you can find them in emergencies!

If nothing in your wardrobe is tickling your pickle, treat yourself to something new! But only if it makes you feel a million bucks - you’re worth it.


Get enough sleep!

It sounds simple, but after a few weeks of late nights, going to bed at a reasonable time is going to reboot you for success. Utilise your sleep function on your iPhone to make sure you are getting at least 7 hours - some us know we can’t function without 9!

Plan something to look forward to...

It might be a nice meal on the weekend, a weekend away, or a longer trip - but there’s something magical about knowing we have something wonderful on the horizon. Even after the silly season, everyone deserves something positive to look forward to, so get planning! It might just be the difference between an unanticipated midlife crisis or getting to the end of the working year ;)

While it’s always important to look after yourself, at this time of year we need to go that extra mile just to feel normal!

So make some small changes, and get yourself back on track and ready to cruise into a fabulous 2019!!

Anissa ✨


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