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Hello fashion friends,

September is a special time, as we roll into that peacefully underrated time of year in France – la rentrée.

For our wider global friends, if you aren’t familiar, it is the rather quaint concept of September marking a fresh start to the year.

As the nation don their sensible shoes and head back to work after a lengthy summer break, we celebrate a fresh chance to reboot our years – the French way.

The mornings become cooler, and the days shorter, and we head back to work, and school. Stores reopen with a loud ‘Vive la rentrée!’, and friends who have travelled far and wide converge on home, creating a wonderful time to reconnect, and swap travel stories.

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With climate change having it’s way with the seasons, we delay stowing away our favourite kaftans, as you never know when a warm spell will roll in.

Living in the Northern hemisphere, I often find it a little odd making New Years resolutions in the heart of winter – marked by a calendar change, rather than a time where there are true beginnings and endings in the structure to our year.

So this September, as I acclimatise to a change in routine, and the seasonal change that heralds a more holistic ‘fresh’ start, I will be taking stock of how my year is progressing.

What am I happy with this year that I wish to continue? New friends, or creative avenues?

What have I put on the backburner that I could put into action, and begin now?

And finally; what am I carrying that does not serve me anymore? September can be a wonderful time to let go.

So keep that fluid, easy-going kaftan energy and carry it into your Fall, carefully pack away those sun hats for next summer, and throw away that pair of sandals that no longer any support.

If you achieve your rentrée goals through this year, you will well and truly deserve a new pair next summer – and a matching kaftan to boot!


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 Anissa ❤

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