The Power of Colours ....


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Colours have been telling stories and delivering meaning for the length of the planet ...

Green representing growth of plants it is the colour of spring and therefore of youth, hope and joy -

Red signifying the danger of a flame, and a blackened log as morbid as the black clothing donned for a funeral… but now also synonymous with effortless chic.

 Surround yourself with colours that stabilise, energise, and excite; both yourself, and those around you…

At Kaftan Dreams bright vivid colours and vibrant prints play a powerful role and are the center of our inspirations.

 Cashmere Kaftan - Blush


Blush-The colour that traditionally surrounds a newborn baby girl elicits feelings of femininity in the wearer. Viewing blush pink on another often elicits feelings of softness, and a girlish purity. Embrace the softness that this colour projects into the world!

 Wine (Red) -The colour of many personalities - but none of them wallflowers. Red can symbolise danger, passion, love, anger, speed, and power, among other energies, making it one of the most intensely symbolic colours - and one of the boldest to wear! Wearing red will do anything but push you into the background. Red screams of confidence.

A sportsman in red might seek to intimidate, whilst a woman in a red dress shows her confidence and shows a certain strength. You may think that red doesn’t suit you, but never fear! Some shades of red have a blue base, and others an orange - find which one suits you and you can wear red with confidence



Kaftan Dreams - Blue Print "Chess"


Blue - Shades of blue are traditionally associated with healing, and when you think of the sky and the sea, it’s no wonder. While a cold colour, there’s a stability and intelligence associated with blue. From teal, to ice blue, to midnight, there’s undoubtedly a shade of blue to make everyone look lovely.

 “He had blue eyes as deep as the ocean” and you just couldn’t look away…

Purple - Traditionally the colour of nobility, purple is a royal colour often associated with extravagance, or even magic. Purple is a creative colour that creates a mysterious energy… harness it however you choose.

Colours don’t need to be worn on their own - you can combine to seek the strength of each and create your own powerful palate to balance your emotions and put your own unique energy into the world! Most of our Kaftans combine colours, so choose your favourite, and set off with a bright lip and your own jewellery for the ultimate personality statement.


Photo Credit @kaftandreams -The Colourful Medina in Marrakesh-

"Choosing the right colour is difficult ...what would you choose ?"

 Anissa ❤

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